Follow the White Rabbit

I’m in Caffe Vita.
An elderly, well-dressed man just tapped me on the shoulder.
"You’re in charge now." 

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I Have Sex at Every Moment

I Have Sex At Every Moment 

by Zen Singular

I have sex at every moment. Can you handle that? Can you think metaphorically? Literally? Figuratively? Do you know the meaning behind the veil of language? Can you feel?

Feel. See, every word that I type on here has an energy frequency attached to it. I am programming my feelings into text, storing them, distributing them, and allowing you to remotely feel me across time + space. 

However, you can just read me at a superficial level and read me falsely, influenced by a combination of your ability to open up to me and your neurological conditioning, some of which you may not be conscious of….


See, every external stimuli in our life has conditioned us. 

But you can alter your conditioning by opening up to your own intuitive force.You are within the universe and the universe is within you. You are a limitless conscious force capable of crafting your own experiences. Your own fantastical existence. You are beautiful. Beauty is Power. You are Powerful. 

Sex is constantly occurring. Sex is the intimate cooperation of atoms that energetically vibrate together and create new forms. The atoms cooperate into larger elements that cooperate into larger elements and compose the grand diversity of life that we are simultaneously witness to and part of. These combinations never die. Death is just a concept, not rooted in the physical reality. 

Everything constantly has sex, dividing and combining. Everything changes through sex. 

Sex, as its currently commonly defined, is but one form of the singularity of sex. I believe you know what I am talking about. Maybe this is stimulating sexy images in your mind, scenes from movies, and memories from your lovers. Maybe now is a good time to close your eyes and forget about continuing to read me for a bit…. 

I won’t get jealous. I’ll be here when you come back. Here is your opportunity to daydream, sexify your mind….

Ahh. Sex.

I see sex at a deeper level of reality: the quantum level. 

Earlier, you read that I am programming my feelings into text, allowing you to feel me across time + space. Telepathic sex. 

We are intimately connecting right now and creating new experiences. Together. 

We are having sex. We are each playing our part. Maybe mine, as the writer, is considered the more dominant by people that see artificially defined roles of dominant/submissive and male/female. Not by me. I see us as equally dynamic. Sex is a cosmic dance of oneness. The singularity of sex. 

You are consuming my words, my energy. I am conditioning you and creating new arrangements of neural patterns in your brain. I am playing a role in crafting your environment, your life.

If you want me to. See, it’s consensual. 

Consensual is the only way to rock and roll. You are allowing me to penetrate your soul at whatever level you wish to open up to me.

Opening up is Love. Love is Sex. I write spontaneously and publish it. I don’t strain to think or write. I have sex. 

I dance with the cosmos into a singularity.

I love you, reader. Thank you for reading me. 

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Personal Responsibility

The universe is within us and we are within it. 

Our social systems are within us and we are within them. 

Am I frustrated that a child in Africa is starving?

How much food did I eat Today? Did I eat 1 calorie more than I needed? How many people ate 1 more calorie than they needed? How many calories did the child in Africa need?

What kind of food did I eat? Did I eat highly processed food that requires an inefficient use of fossil fuels? 

Am I concerned about peak oil, gas prices, maybe even global warming? 

What did I eat Today? How did I live Today?

Am I frustrated at the unfair wealth distribution in our country? How many shoes do I have in my closet? How many did I need Today? 

Am I frustrated at the inability of politicians to solve problems? Politicians alone are individual people. I am an individual person. What problems did I solve for my community Today?

Am I frustrated at the inability of Democrats and Republicans to come together and agree? Did I find common space with everyone that I spoke with Today? My spouse, my co-worker, the homeless man? Did I network my community towards a common goal Today?

I am the Problem.

I am the Solution.

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An exercise in Free-Flowing Thinking. An exercise in Being Water. I simply record myself freely without forethought. 

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How to Be the Best Employee Ever

How to Be the Best Employee Ever

by Logan Obermire

During my time here I am completely focused on the task at hand. What needs to be done here right now?

I give each customer my full attention. By understanding them, I serve them more effectively with empathy. I will always continue to learn more about them.This will increase their chances of coming back and my ability to empathize and solve problems when they arise.

By judging another, I am taking a precious moment away from judging myself, therby retarding my personal development. I only speak in the positive and the present, including about my co-workers and customers, to move projects forward.

By cheating others, I cheat myself. My complete clarity of self becomes toxic with dishonesty and I retard my personal development. By respecting my work and people with complete honesty I know that I benefit as well.

There is never a reason to spread toxic hopelessness to others. There is always a reason to smile. I could list 1,000 quickly.

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